Club and Organization Overview

  • Clubs and Organizations
    Clubs and organizations meet outside school hours.  Everyone, staff and students, is encouraged to participate in some of these activities.  A faculty sponsor is needed in order for a club or organization to assemble.
Club/Organization Advisors
ACE Bonnie Ritchey
AM Announcements Studio Lisa Balanda
Anime Club Matthew Swavely
Art Club Patty Costello
Biology Club Erik Barber
Brain Bee Colette Silvestri
Business Challenge Colette Silvestri
CAIU Science Fair Jason Ambler
Calculus Club John Walizer
Chemistry & Medicine Club Kim Haney
Chess Club Emily Bancroft
Chocapella Erin Ives
Community Service Program Barbara Clouser
Compassion for Animals Club Kimberly Haney
Computer Fair Club Paul Eppley
Conspiracy Club Dave Anderson
Craft Club Michelle O'Brien
Cubing Club Holly Miller
Disney Movie Analysis Club Nikki Fisher
Duelist Kingdom Club Nicole Fisher
Engineering Club Mark Painter
Entrepreneur Club Colette Silvestri
Environmental Club Steve Newell
eSports Team Club Dr. Matthew Kirby
Film Making Club Phil Ayala