Hershey Early Childhood Center A Community Cultivating an Extraordinary Learning Environment

ECC Library

Create Think Share Grow  
The Hershey Early Childhood Center Library will be a welcoming learning environment where all members of the school community are encouraged and supported to "Think. Create. Share. Grow."

The mission of the Hershey Early Childhood Center Library is to enable member of the school community to be effective users of ideas and information and to instill the love of lifelong learning. 

The Early Childhood Center Library is a K-1 extension of the Hershey Elementary Library that serves grades 2-5. The two libraries combined contain over 32,000 titles. The collection is updated annually through district funding and the efforts of the PTO book fairs. 
Contact Library Staff:
Mrs. Kathy Marschka, Library Media Specialist
717-531-2211 ext. 6213
Mrs. Danette Longreen, Library Assistant
717-531-2211 ext.6212
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