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A. Sterling King Library

A. Sterling King Library
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Combined, the ECC and Elementary library collections contain more than 34,000 materials. Along with the professional staff, PTO volunteers are instrumental in supporting the library and its programs.
Borrowing Procedures
Students visit the library once each six-day cycle with their class for a lesson and book selection. Students in grades 2 - 5 may borrow three books during a class visit if they do not have overdue books.
Books are due on a six-day cycle and may be returned or renewed. Overdue notices are given to remind students of books that must be returned. Students are not charged fines for overdue library books.
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Lost & Damaged Books
We ask that students please notify the library if they notice loose or torn pages in a book. This is normal wear and tear, and if repaired promptly, the book may continue to be circulated in the library.  It is important that books are kept in a safe place at home away from young children and pets. To avoid water damage, we suggest that students keep their library books away from water bottles.  If carried in a backpack, it is advisable to keep library books in a plastic bag to protect them from water damage. 
Overdue notices are distributed to students on a regular basis. In the case of lost books, the library staff will search the shelves and notify the student if the missing book is located. Please be advised that students are responsible for paying the replacement cost of any book that is lost or damaged beyond repair.  Payment may be made by cash or check. Checks should be made out to the Derry Township School District. 
Mrs. Kathy Marschka, Library Media Specialist
Phone: (717) 531-2211     Ext:6213
Mrs. Sallyann Talley, Library Media Specialist
Phone: (717) 531-2277     Ext: 5429
Mrs. Karen Finney, Library Aide
Phone: (717) 531-2277    Ext. 5097