Hershey Girls Basketball

    Mission Statement: To help young ladies learn life lessons such as teamwork, discipline, leadership, and goal setting through the sport of basketball.

    Vision Statement: To be the program that all others measure themselves to

    Core Values:

    1. Teamwork/Trust in teammates
    2. Best effort every day
    3. Positive attitude
    4. Enjoy the moment
    Trusted PGC Partner
    Thank you to all who made our youth camp this year such a success.  The high school players and coaches absolutely loved working with and teaching the girls.  Thank you for making this an all around, amazing week of basketball possible.
    Group Photo: Summer Camp 2016  
    Hershey Girls Basketball Youth Summer Camp 2016 competition results:
     Right to Left: Zoe, Grace, Mackenzie
    3v3 Champions:
    Zoe Carlson
    Grace Allery
    Mackenzie Brown
    Right to Left: Zoe Carlson, Roma Orris  
    1v1 Champion:
    Upper grade division: Zoe Carlson
    Lower grade division: Roma Orris
    Right to Left: Zoe Carlson, Jessica Hocker  
    Foul Shooting Champions:
    Upper grade division: Zoe Carlson
    Lower grade division: Jessica Hocker
    Right to Left: Grace Allery, Anna Gourley  
    Hot Shot Champions:
    Upper grade division: Anna Gourley
    Lower grade division: Grace Allery