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 Hershey Students Hold The Key to the Judges’ Hearts at Scholastic Art Contest

Hershey, PA—February 11, 2013 – Hershey High School students showed they had the keys to the judges’ hearts at the 2013 South Central Pennsylvania Scholastic Art Awards. Two dozen students captured awards in the contest, many winning multiple honors.
Student works were judged in several areas including original process, concept, subject matter; technical competence; vision, expression; and presentation. Students winning Gold Keys have their work displayed in downtown Harrisburg before moving on to the national contest in New York City later this spring.



Sakina  Abedi

Silver Key

Connie  Chang

Honorable Mention

Iris  Chang

Gold Key and 3 Honorable Mentions

Michelle Cui

Silver Key and Honorable Mention

Eliza Dewey

Honorable Mention

Taylor Dinello

Honorable Mention

Sophia Emmi

Honorable Mention

Mira Green

Silver key

Clair Harris

Silver Key

Mike Jarvis

Honorable Mention

Monique Johnson

2 Gold Keys, 4 Silver Keys, 2 Honorable Mentions

Mackenzie Klinger

1 Gold Key, 2 Silver Keys, 2 Honorable Mentions

Zarah Light

Silver Key

Carmen Marcucci

Silver Key, Honorable Mention

Jolene Milewski

Honorable Mention

Annabella Mull

2 Silver Keys

Umer Qureshi

Honorable Mention

David Rossenwasser

5 Gold Keys, 3 Silver Keys, 7 Honorable Mentions

Alex Shapiro

4 Gold Keys, 3 Silver Keys, 4 Honorable Mentions

Miranda Snyder

Gold Key

Jessie Weber

1 Gold Key, 4 Honorable Mentions

Emma Wolfe

Honorable Mention

Rachel Wolfe

1 Silver Key, 2 Honorable Mentions

Haleigh Yeingst

Silver Key