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    Millage Rate Calculator

    Assessed Property Value Enter the assessed value of your property. Type over the number presently displayed, which represents the average assessment in Derry Township. Do not include a dollar sign. Also remember to use the assessed value (the taxable worth) of your home, not the market value, which is the projected re-sale price of a building.

    Millage Rate Enter a millage rate.  A 18.1019 mill rate has been adopted for the 2017-2018 year. As points of comparison, you may also way to look at other millage rates to see what your tax bill would look like if DTSD taxed under different scenarios:

     •  19.52
    This figure represents the average millage rate of the 12 school districts within Dauphin County this past year. Only four school districts in the county have lower millage rates than DTSD and each of those districts receive a much higher percentage of their revenue from state and federal subsidies.  Further, four of those districts impose an Earned Income Tax rate as much as 3.6 times DTSD's EIT rate.


    Annual Cost Per Mill This is what each mill of tax represents on your annual real estate tax bill, based on the assessed value entered above.

    Your Total Levy This is the total amount of a real estate tax bill based on the millage rate and assessment entered into the calculataor above.