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About the Budget
Developing and administering a budget is one of the most important and challenging duties facing any school district. This is particularly true for Derry Township School District. The district derives a relatively low percentage of its revenues from state and federal sources. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, on average Pennsylvania public school districts receive about 39% of their revenues in state subsidies.  Comparatively, Derry Township School District receives just 14% of its revenue from the state.  The School Board and administration strive to maintain the high quality of education our students deserve. But we never lose sight of the fact that 86 cents of every dollar in the budget comes from local taxpayers. 
Our goal is to be a national model for public education. 
That includes demonstrating exemplary fiscal management. 
Building a Budget 
The district’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. The district begins developing the budget for the subsequent fiscal year in late summer and the process concludes in June when the board adopts the final budget. Over these months, district and building administrators internally review existing and proposed educational programs that will drive the district forward in meeting the educational needs of its students. The board’s finance committee holds several meetings from September through May/June to discuss the budget and solicit input from the public.
 2015-2016 Budget                                                                   
t its May 11, 2015 business meeting, the Derry Township Board of School Directors approved for public display a proposed final 2015-2016 school year budget that projects $57.9 million in operating expenditures.
If adopted as the district’s final budget, the fiscal plan would keep the district’s millage rate among the lowest in Dauphin County, setting it at 18.1 mills.  That translates into a $1,810 levy for a home assessed at $100,000.  Taxes are based on assessed value, which is a portion of a home’s appraised or expected re-sale value.
A final vote on the 2015-16 budget is scheduled for the board's June 22, 2015 meeting.
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 2014-2015 Budget                                                                   
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At its June 23 meeting, the Derry Townships School District Board of Directors adopted a 2014-2015 budget in the amount of $57,134,717. In adopting the budget, the board established a real estate tax rate of 17.9227 mills; that rate will generate $34,494,632 in revenue. For 2014-2015, one mill of real estate tax equates to $1,924,634 in revenue.
For property owners with a home assessed at a value of $100,000, real estate taxes will be $1,792.27, an increase of 71 cents per week. (Assessed value is the taxable worth of your home as established by Dauphin County and should not be confused with the market value, a higher figure which represents the projected re-sale price.)