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    Herb Schmidt athletes!

    Upcoming Events: Cedar Cliff Relays (4/28)

    Track Preview Day (4/30)

    ChocolateWorld Run (5/7)

    End of Season Party (5/11)

    Setting off to Herb Schmidt on Friday, April 20, with probably the best team ever taken!  Their behavior, their cameraderie, and their performances were amazing.  First event - high jump!  Yes, Libbie cleared 4'!  Then to shuttle hurdles, where the team looked fantastic!  Other coaches were like, "Coach, how do you get your new kids learning that form in 6 weeks?" Yeah, that surprises me every year.  The 4x100 team's handoffs were perfect!  Distance team, great times!  And finally, the 4x400 teams finally performed and they were unbelievable.  Thank you for a great day!

    PARENTS - Thank you so much for signing your athlete out!  It makes coaches' jobs so much easier not having to worry that your athlete went with someone else!  We really appreciate it!  Also, you do not have to sign your athlete out at a home meet!  Just take them!

    We practice everyday after school when school is in session. Did you read the Athlete's packet, sign the contract, and sign up for REMIND? Paperwork is attached for participation.  If you did a school sport this year without an injury, just print off the recertification form and have parents sign and then you can turn into the office.  If you want to join the track team and haven't done a school sport this year, print out the "Physical Form" and take to a doctor for completion.  Turn into the office once completed.  Do not wait until the last minute because it has to be processed!  I get names AFTER processing!  Then you will get a google.doc from me!  Paperwork must be submitted by Friday, March 2!  The Athletic Trainer is NOT at the middle school from March 5th until WE start on the 12th!  If you want to get ready, you need to read the "Athlete Info Packet," sign up for REMIND (your parents can sign up too!) and learn your Order of Events (on Schedule page) Quizzing on Order of Events will start the first day!  Returning Athletes on Day 1!

    Recertification form

    Physical Form

    Athlete Info Packet (pdf)

    Team Expectations

    Please sign up for Remind and get notifications from coaches!  Your reminders can be text or emails.  No numbers are exchanged and group text allows coaches to cancel practice when necessary! Parents - you are welcome & encouraged to sign up also.   


    REMIND Instructions