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Cross Country - Jr. High

Hershey Middle School Cross Country

Cross-Country Rules


In 36 years of coaching cross-country, I have had very minimal incidences of runners misbehaving or failing to meet team expectations.  Therefore, these rules are more for information than reaction to problems.  I continue to coach because the runners have been respectful and hard-working.


1)  All runners are expected to attend all practices.  They are excused from practice if they have another commitment and parents have contacted me ahead of time.  Parents are asked to change other commitments on the days of races, if at all possible.

2)  Runners may not practice or run in meets if they were absent from school that day.

3)  Runners may run in a meet even if they had an excused absence the day before a meet.

4)  If runners miss practice for an appointment, a music lesson, additional academic tutoring, a family activity, or an emergency, they are expected to try to run on their own.  Other than emergencies or school absences, I should know why a runner is not at practice ahead of time.

5)  All team members are required to ride the school bus to and from meets.  If parents (and only parents) need to take them home from a meet, they must sign out their child at the meet before they leave.  A runner may not ride home with someone else’s parents unless written permission is granted by a parent. 

6)  All school rules concerning behavior apply to cross-country practices and meets.

7)  Runners must maintain academic eligibility according to Hershey Middle School policies.

8)  There are no weekend practices.  Runners are, however, expected to participate in the Lower Dauphin Invitational, usually the first Saturday of October.

9)  Proper attire for practices includes a t-shirt, running shorts, and running shoes.

10)  If runners participate in the first race of a home meet (boys or girls), they are encouraged, but not required, to stay for the second race to cheer for their teammates.

11)  Parents need to make arrangements for their child to be picked up from practice within 15 minutes of its conclusion.  A great deal of effort will be made to end all practices on time.

12) Parents and athletes must read the Hazing Policy on the school website.


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